My daughter started third grade last month, and I shared in her excitement for the new school year – the joy of reconnecting with friends, the awe of learning new things, and the awareness of beginning this next chapter of her life and dreaming of what the future holds.

Working with EAPE reminds me not to take my daughter’s education for granted.

As a sociologist, Tony has always understood the importance of education as a means for lifting people out of poverty.  This understanding has informed EAPE’s holistic vision for ministry, which has made education a cornerstone for much of our work.

In September, when the City of Philadelphia started this school year with 23 fewer public schools, Cornerstone Christian Academy began its 25th year of providing quality, Christian education in a safe and loving environment for low-income children in southwest Philadelphia.  Cornerstone was ready to welcome many new students to its classrooms.

School children in Haiti

Through Haiti Partners we’re equipping Haitians to change Haiti by educating children, teachers, community leaders and disciples.

In Haiti, where nearly 50% of school age children don’t go to school, more than 1,000 children returned to Haiti Partners elementary schools and the new Children’s Academy and began to realize their hopes for a better and brighter future for their country.

The work that Tony began over 40 years ago would not be possible today without the generous support and prayers from friends like you.   

I invite you to spend some time here and peruse our redesigned website, which features new stories, photos, and announcements about Cornerstone Christian Academy, Haiti Partners, and each of our other Core, Supported and Affiliated Ministries.

This year we’re investing in a total of 20 innovative, holistic and effective ministries, programs and special projects and we’re counting on you beginning, continuing, increasing or renewing your support this year to meet all of our ministry goals and objectives.

Throughout the coming months we’ll keep you informed about the inspiring work of our urban missionaries and teachers, and of the impact their service—and your gifts!—is having on the children, youth and families we minister to across North America and around the world.

I’d love to hear from you, so if you have any questions about our ministry and how you can begin or deepen your involvement in our work, you can reach me by email using the “Contact Us” form below or toll-free at 855-612-EAPE (3273).

With gratitude and hope in Christ,

Robert Gauthier
Managing Director, EAPE