If there is any question in your mind about how special the outreach ministries are that you are supporting through EAPE, then you  should go to the Cuban neighborhood in Miami, Florida, and see firsthand what God is doing. You will see how two young and  dynamic women have been raised up to start a program that daily impacts the lives of more than 200 inner-city children with a spiritually-centered after-school program. Having seen on a television special the work that EAPE initiated in Camden, New Jersey, these young women decided to replicate that program for the children in their neighborhood. One of them, Ana Ojeda, left her  position as a professional psychologist in order to dedicate herself full-time to this new program. She has been joined by Kristy Nunez who takes time out each week from her work as a lawyer so that she can work along with Ana in this highly effective ministry.

In addition, Ana and Kristy, along with high school students whom they have carefully trained, bring together large numbers of boys  and girls to play games, enjoy cultural enrichment programs, improve their reading skills, and most importantly—to understand God’s love for them.

In March I visited this new program in Miami, Florida, and talked to some of the boys and girls in the program. A ten-year-old girl  named Rose said to me, “My parents took me to church so I knew that there was a God, but I didn’t know how Jesus could be my  Friend until I started coming to Urban Promise.”

I promised Ana and Kristy that I would do my best to undergird what they are doing with financial support from EAPE. This will  require us to do more than we budgeted to do this year. That’s why I am asking you to dig deeper into your pockets and give all that  you can so that this work, along with all the other ministries that EAPE supports, can have the resources needed to love people—and especially kids—into God’s Kingdom. So give graciously, invest heavily in what God is doing through EAPE.