Dear Ministry Partners,

I want you to know that Beyond Borders, the affiliate which EAPE founded in Haiti, is fighting hard to end child slavery in that country. Yes! I did say slavery!

According to UNICEF, there are as many as 300,000 children who are enslaved in Haiti. They are called restaveks, which in the Creole language of Haiti means “live-ins.” They are children from the poorest of the poor who are sent away by their mothers to live with families slightly better off than they are, because of the promise that these children will be provided a better life and even given an education. In a story reported by ABC newscaster, Dan Harris (see http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/story?id=5315408), which featured what Beyond Borders is doing to rid Haiti of this evil practice), Harris described how many of these children work from morning until night; are regularly and severely beaten; are not allowed to have friends; are only given food left on the plates of others in the household; and are kept, contrary to promises, from ever going to school.

What is a travesty of Christianity is that few churches in Haiti have done anything to speak out against this human trafficking. This is because so many of their members, and even their pastors, are guilty of benefiting from this evil practice. That is why our Beyond Borders missionaries are so committed to not only helping restaveks, but also to stirring the consciences of Haitians so that they, in turn, will pressure their government to stop this human trafficking.

Beyond Borders has built the largest network of organizations and leaders in Haiti committed to ending child servitude.

Pray for our workers. This is dangerous work in a place like Haiti . And when you give to the ministries of EAPE, you should get some comfort from the realization that you are supporting the efforts of our Beyond Borders workers to bring justice to children who certainly are the least of “the least of these” spoken about in Matthew 25. Pray! Give! They need your help!

On a happier note, EAPE recently sent support to a ministry called Higher Bound in Vincennes , Indiana , which was started by a friend from my high school days, John DeSanto. It has been a joy for me to see how many 'at-risk' young people John and his team are helping into constructive lifestyles through counseling, after-school programs, camping activities and cultural enrichment programs, and to hear that many are entering transformative relationships with Christ in the process. We don't list them all in these letters, but the good news is that EAPE supports many smaller ministries like Higher Bound.

Of course, we need your financial help to keep the good work of EAPE strong and growing, especially given the recent downturn of the national economy. Hard times are even harder on the poor, so we who love them need to do more, not less. Keep praying for us, too, and never doubt for a minute that we are incredibly grateful for you.

Thanks for all you do!


Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo

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