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Online giving Q&A

Q: How does online giving work?
A: Our online giving service allows you to deduct any amount you specify directly from a checking or savings account (the same as if you wrote a check) or charge any amount to a credit or debit card.

Q: Is this process safe?
A: Yes. The electronic payment is set up through a secure service that protects your account information. These transactions are governed by strict national rules and guidelines. Over four billion electronic fund transfers are processed in the United States each year.

Making transactions online is safe, but you should be careful when giving out confidential information. First, always be sure that you are at a secure site. You can tell by looking for an image in your browser that is often located on the bottom right corner or next to the address bar and looks like a lock, similar to the image on the right. You will see https://dlq4.donatelinq.net/qv10/default.aspx?MerchantID=EAPE in the address bar of your browser.

Q: When would the contribution be deducted from my account?
A: The fund transfer will take place on the date that you specify on the signup screen. You may choose to make a one-time contribution or specify an automatic biweekly, monthly or other designated timeframe for the transaction.

Q: Can I change the amount or time frame for automatic transactions?
A: Yes. You may change the amount that you want to give and the frequency of the transaction at any time.

Q: Can I give to EAPEís General Fund as well as a specific ministry or program?
A: Yes. You can choose to give to EAPEís General Fund, which will be used where needed most or you can designate your gift for a specific ministry or program.

Q: What are the benefits of giving online?

  1. This allows you to prioritize giving as the first fruits of income.
  2. You donít have to worry about monthly paperwork, forgetting your gift or falling behind due to other obligations or when traveling.
  3. It helps EAPE in processing your gift.

Q: Can I use a credit card?
A: Yes, but choosing a checking or savings account is preferred for best stewardship of resources. Processing credit card transactions is more costly than electronic check transfers.


  • Recurring gifts: Choose from a variety of recurring payment options, ranging from annual to weekly, and specify the start date. Previously scheduled gifts can be adjusted at any time. Choosing the automatic giving option is especially helpful during the summer and holidays when people may be traveling or unavailable.
  • One-time gifts: Manage cash flow by submitting gifts on demand instead of pre-scheduling, or use for over and above blessings and special mission projects.
  • Designated giving: Options include giving to the general fund plus designating gifts for a specific ministry or program.
  • Forms of payment: Electronic check (transfer from checking or savings account), Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted.
  • Status reports: Check your pledge amount, review scheduled gifts, and retrieve your gift history. Transaction receipts are also e-mailed automatically.
  • Technology: No additional hardware or software is needed, only a web browser and internet connection.
  • Convenience: Online giving and account access is available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world with your password-protected profile.
  • Paperwork reduction: No more monthly gift forms when giving online!


  • Since November 2008 we have partnered with The CashLinq Group, a company specializing in e-commerce for ministries, to provide the convenience of an online contribution system.
  • CashLinq's DonateQ service is PCI compliant and utilizes 128-bit SSL, the same technology banks and other financial institutions use, to ensure that data is safe and secure. Data is encrypted to make sure information is securely transmitted and is protected through each step of the process.
  • Any confidential information submitted during the online giving process is used for the sole purpose of carrying out your contribution transaction. Your privacy in these matters is greatly respected and is of the highest priority.
  • EAPE does not sell, rent or exchange its donor lists or information collected by these response forms.
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