Dear Friends,

Over the past two years, my life has changed in a dramatic way. Back then, I worked in the Mission Year office most of the time, and my family and I lived by ourselves in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Now we live in the inner-city of Cincinnati as part of a small Christian community, and I spend most of my days on the streets of our neighborhood, working with people. I still venture out sometimes, to preach about faith and social justice, to manage the EAPE office in St. Davids, and to visit our ministries around the world, but my main focus is right here.

You might think becoming such a local guy would distract me from the big picture of EAPE, but actually just the opposite is true. The more I live like one of our EAPE field workers, the more I believe in this great ministry we all share together, and the more committed I am to keeping it alive and growing.

Every day I marvel at the great efficiency and life-changing effectiveness of organizations like Urban Promise, Beyond Borders, Cornerstone Christian Academy, REACH, Sojourners-Call to Renewal, Oasis Zimbabwe, Eastern University, and, of course, my own beloved Mission Year. Truly, we at EAPE are privileged to support such outstanding ministries as they serve the poor and build the Kingdom in the name of Jesus.

My father came to see me in Cincinnati the other day, on his way to yet another speaking engagement and I found myself marveling at him, too. Well into his eighth decade, he is as passionately committed and energized about winning souls and recruiting new missionaries for the cause of Christ as ever. Not surprisingly, his latest book, 'Letters to a Young Evangelical,' deals with his concerns about the future of Christianity. The good news is that his health is as strong as his resolve, and he continues to have an incredible impact on those who hear him.

Lately both he and I have been working hard on helping to develop Eastern University's new MBA program in Urban Economic Development, which is aimed at raising up a new generation of inner-city missionaries capable of creating meaningful jobs in some of this countries most devastated neighborhoods. One of the most exciting aspects of that program, I think, is that many of its students will spend their first year of study learning the practical side of urban ministry as Mission Year team members. What a wonderful partnership that will be for producing powerful agents of positive change!

As we are working on all these things and more, my father and I are always mindful of your love and support. We talk all the time about what a joy and an honor it is to have your trust as we constantly seek to maximize your resources for the Kingdom of God. We can only hope you know how much we need you as well as we do.

Keep the Faith,

Bart Campolo

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