The Boston Project MinistriesThe Boston Project is a community-based organization with a passion for seeing renewal in urban neighborhoods. It operates several neighborhood outreach ministries and partners with over twenty faith-based and secular organizations to meet the physical, social, academic and spiritual needs of people.

Boston Project

The Boston Project is a community-based ministry working for urban renewal in Dorchester, the largest and most diverse neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. This year the Boston Project launched a Greenspace Initiative and hired Ben Cressy as the program coordinator.

Before moving to Boston to serve as an urban missionary, Ben studied sociology at Eastern University and interned with Tony and EAPE for three years. As Greenspace Coordinator, Ben is tasked with reclaiming the last available city-owned land for greenspace purposes such as community gardens and parks.

We committed to help Ben raise the $25,000 he needs to support his first year of full-time ministry, but we need your help to reach this goal and sustain Ben’s year of ministry, which includes advocacy for creation care, sustainable and healthy lifestyles and relational evangelism in the “at risk” low-income community where he lives and serves.




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  • The Boston Project Recognized for its Ten Year Urban Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

    The Boston Project Recognized for its Ten Year Urban Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

    As The Boston Project’s Greenspace Coordinator, Ben Cressy was charged with mobilizing community support for and executing the ministry’s Greenspace Initiative to transform vacant Talbot Norfolk Triangle neighborhood lots in to gardens and parks.  The inaugural year of this effort has been a huge success.

    Photo by Kaid Benfield

    A street in the TNT neighborhood. Photo by Kaid Benfield.

    In Kaid Benfield’s article, “This Is What a Neighborhood Revitalization Actually Looks Like”, the faith-based ministry is noted for its remarkable “ten-year plan for converting small, publicly owned vacant lots scattered around the TNT area into green areas to be enjoyed by the community. These will benefit not only current residents but also the 100 new households the neighborhood is expected to see as a result of the new transit station.”

    After spending time visiting these neighborhoods and meeting with ministry staff, Benfield writes “I can’t say enough good things about the Boston Project Ministries, which among many super-impressive initiatives offers a free, pleasant and safe drop-in center where youth can come and go at their leisure to do homework or enjoy fellowship.”  We couldn’t agree more!

    To learn how EAPE’s investment of your gifts in this ministry is helping to transform low-income communities in Boston, we encourage you to read Benfield’s encouraging article.

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