Aquila WayAquila Way is a Christian charity based in the North East of England that provides support and accommodation to
young people and families who are homeless through a number of specialized and innovative projects.

Aquila Way

In 2001, Tony and EAPE began supporting Aquila Way’s wholistic housing ministry for the homeless, especially young women and their children, in Gateshead, North East England.

Today, Aquila Way is regarded as one of the most effective providers of quality, transitional housing for disadvantaged and vulnerable children, teens and young adults and offers comprehensive support services that help them gain independence.  Last year, the financial gifts of our donors helped Aquila Way provide Christ-like and life-changing support through three long-term shelter homes and a homeless drop-in center to more than 800 young adults and children.

It costs $150 to provide a homeless child, woman or man the critical support they need during their short stay at the drop-in homeless shelter and it costs $25,000 to meet the year-long housing needs and offer comprehensive support for each young adult and child in Aquila Way’s safe and loving homes. With your generous support we can continue to provide Aquila Way the resources it needs to expand and sustain its transformational ministry to more vulnerable children and young adults in North East England.

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  • Hope for the Homeless in Northeast England and Other Important Ministry

    Hope for the Homeless in Northeast England and Other Important Ministry

    Those who follow my travels may have noticed I speak in the United Kingdom—and may have wondered why. One answer to that question is that EAPE has strong commitments to ministries we have developed and supported over there. Let me give you some glimpses into what those ministries do.

    Aquila Way

    Aquila Way provides safe and loving homes for women aged 16-30 and their children. Each resident is paired with a support worker who provides assistance with cooking, money management, job searches and other practical skills necessary to achieve independence.

    First, there is Aquila Way, a ministry for the homeless in the northeast of England. Some of the women are battered; others are dealing with addictions; some are poor women with children who have no place to go. This ministry provides room and board, their own dedicated support worker, and job training, and nurtures these homeless women toward independence. For more information go to Aquila Way’s ministry page.

    Secondly, there is Going Public, based in Wales. Every year, this ministry reaches thousands of teenagers, steering them away from destructive lifestyles that often involve drugs, alcohol, and sexual promiscuity. With various teams of volunteers, the staff lead assembly programs in middle schools and high schools. These programs include music, videos, skits, and special talks—all of which are relevant to these age groups. Going Public staff is routinely invited into classrooms, where they are able to share their faith. For more information visit our Affiliated Ministries page.


    SPEAK is a network of young adults and students who campaign and pray about issues of injustice. Through their activism, they aim to share their faith in our all-loving, all-powerful creator: God.

    Thirdly, there is Signpost International, based in Dundee, Scotland. Its ministries reach into the rough neighborhoods of Dundee, touching the lives of young people with the good news of God’s love. Signpost also provides an array of services for adults who have special problems, helping the unemployed to find jobs and providing health services. For more information visit our Affiliated Ministries page.

    Fourthly, there is SPEAK, based in London, with faith-based chapters in universities throughout the United Kingdom. SPEAK promotes student movements that advocate for peace and work to eliminate poverty in Third World countries. For more  information go to SPEAK UK’s ministry page.

    When you give to EAPE, you invest in a network of innovative and effective organizations, including these four ministries. When you

    consider what we are doing in the UK, alongside what our mission workers are doing in the Third World and in cities across North America, you have to be impressed with what your prayers and financial support are making possible.  Thank you for that!  And please—those who work in these ministries need for you to be generous.


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