Core Ministries A ministry initiated by EAPE, which is provided significant and ongoing financial and technical support.

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders grew out of EAPE’s early work developing educational opportunities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and became one of our most beloved affiliates.  There are two offices now, each with its own areas of expertise and focus of advocacy, and we enthusiastically support both.


Haiti Partners

Haiti Partners (a sister organization of Beyond Borders) grew out of EAPE’s early work developing educational opportunities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and became one of our most beloved affiliates. It focuses on helping Haitians change Haiti through education and leadership development.


Cornerstone Christian Academy

When Tony and the EAPE Board decided in 1985 to start an academically rigorous elementary school for low-income children in West Philadelphia, they had no idea how great would be the impact of Cornerstone Christian Academy. 


Mission Year

Founded by Bart Campolo in 1997, Mission Year offers an amazing opportunity for hundreds of young adults to live and work together as full-time urban missionaries in inner-city neighborhoods throughout the United States.


Urban Promise

Under the leadership of the indefatigable Bruce Main, EAPE’s initial effort in Camden, New Jersey has become what we consider to be America’s very best inner-city youth ministry organization, Urban Promise.


Supported Ministries A ministry whose goals and objectives are so aligned with EAPE’s that we are pleased to financially support, promote and assist whenever possible.

Eastern University

It would be hard to overstate the connection between EAPE and especially Tony and Eastern University. Tony was part of Eastern’s first graduating class and he has been central to the Eastern community ever since. EAPE’s offices have always been on Eastern’s campus, and students are our greatest volunteers. Simply stated, we fully believe in the unique mission and ministry of this wonderful school.


The Walnut Hills Fellowship

The Walnut Hills Fellowship is Bart’s own little faith community in the inner-city of Cincinnati, which is on the cutting edge of a “so old it’s new” style of ministry that focuses on loving broken people regardless of whether or not you can help them.  Nepotism?  You bet.



Born of a conversation between Tony and British Christian Steve Chalke in 1999, Oasis Zimbabwe has struggled mightily in the midst of political and economic chaos to become and remain a terrifically effective ministry to some of Africa’s neediest people. Their leaders are true heroes of the faith, and we are proud to stand behind them.


Reach Ministries

Based on Tony’s mentoring relationship with founder Suzie Slonaker, EAPE has been deeply involved from the beginning with this courageous and compassionate  Seattle-based ministry to children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.


Cabrini Green Legal Clinic

We have always admired the way these talented folks work for justice on behalf of marginalized people in the name of Jesus, but now that our longtime friend Rob Acton  has became Executive Director, EAPE’s connection to CGLA has grown much stronger.


Urban Promise Toronto

Urban Promise Toronto is a highly innovative, distinctively Canadian version of the original program EAPE founded in Camden, New Jersey, led by our favorite Maple Leafs fan, Colin McCartney.


Speak UK

Tony has challenged plenty of young people to fight global injustice, but none have taken on that challenge with more energy and creativity than the leaders of SPEAK, a fast-growing prayer and advocacy network based in London that we are very proud to support.


Peace of the City

Founded in 1992 by EAPE Alumni Mark and Diann Takens-Cerbone, Buffalo-based Peace of the City is just our kind of grassroots, local “roll up your sleeves and get to work” outfit.  Year in and year out, they live out our vision. 


Aquilia Way

Simply stated, we think Aquila Way does a terrific and highly cost-effective job of transforming the lives of homeless young people and families in Northeast England. 


Hope HIV

Hope HIV is changing the lives of tens of thousands of orphans and street children across Africa – and making our work of due diligence a whole lot simpler – by developing ongoing partnerships with hundred of the best local ministries there.


World Vision Canada

Tony does lots of speaking north of the border for World Vision Canada because he trusts their leadership and believes so strongly in the effectiveness of their child sponsorship program. 



EAPE’s partnership with Compassion has been incredibly successful for more than twenty years. Indeed, the lives and futures of families around the world have been positively transformed by the thousands of child sponsors Tony and Bart have recruited for this wonderfully effective organization.  These folks have been true friends to us and to many of our ministries, and we love them.


Yes! And...

When it comes to combining education, the creative arts, and loving relationships with inner-city kids, we donít know anyone who does it better than our dear friends at Yes! And... In Philadelphia.


Urban Promise International

Urban Promise volunteers come from all over the world, and many have been inspired to start similar ministries to poor children back home, in cities from Vancouver BC to Lilongwe, Malawi. Urban Promise International provides ongoing training and support for these exciting new ministries.


Affiliated Ministries A ministry whose goals and objectives are so aligned with EAPE’s that we are pleased to provide technical assistance, fundraising support and assist whenever possible.

The Simple Way

The Simple Way was one of God’s best kept secrets until our dear friend (and Eastern alumni) wrote his best-selling book, The Irresistible Revolution. In spite of all the attention since then, both this little servant community in North Philadelphia and Shane himself have somehow managed to keep things real, while inspiring lots of other people to go back to basics when it comes to urban ministry.


Reach Ministries

Founded by indefatigable EAPE friend and supporter Camille LeClair, Born to Serve initially focused on emergency assistance to the Cuban victims of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, but now also provides a wide variety of vital service to the Cuban refugee population of Miami.

Opportunity International

We are all very proud of Tony’s early involvement with Opportunity International, which continues to pioneer micro-finance as a tool for transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. 



When it comes to articulating the biblical call to social justice, and translating that call into the world of practical political activism, nobody does it better than our longtime allies at Sojourners.



Since 2007, Tony has been the Patron of CODIA (Creative Opportunities, Development and Innovation Agency), which is based in Preston, England and seeks to unlock people's creative potential through the arts. Working to promote social inclusion, justice and community through music, film, drama, dance, visual art, literature and other forms of creative practice, CODIA is impacting arts communities throughout England.


Going Public

Founded in the early 90s by Paul Francis, Going Public has been communicating God’s love through theatrical presentations in schools, missional training and the creative arts for the past 20 years. Based in Cardiff, Wales, Going Public is committed to investing in and bringing hope to every one life they encounter.


SIgnpost International

Signpost International founder, Kerry Dixon, was inspired by Tony to development an international aid agency. Based in the United Kingdom, Signpost fights poverty and the causes of poverty in disadvantaged communities around the world. 


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