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Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals - 4/15/2007


New Wilmington Mission Conference - Saturday 07/22/06


New Wilmington Mission Conference - Sunday Morning 07/23/06


New Wilmington Mission Conference - Sunday Evening 07/23/06


It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming


Description: This message is Tony's trademark. He endeavors to show how surrendering to Christ enables individuals to have their personal, spiritual and psychological needs met. It goes on to point out that being yielded to Christ is to be part of a movement to change the world into the world that ought to be. This sermon picks up on the personal and social dimensions of the gospel.

If I Had to Live it Over Again


Description: Based on a study done of 50 people over the age of 95 who were asked what they would do differently if they had life to live over again. They responded by focusing on the following:
a. They would risk more.
b. They would reflect more.
c. They would do more things that would live on after they were dead.
Tony shows how those responses can provide direction for how we should live life.

Discipleship: Living the Life to the Nth Degree


Description: Tony tries to spell out how we can live life "abundantly." He puts a special emphasis on how service to others can bring personal fulfillment and engender joy.

Tradition: The Key to a Close Knit Family


Description: There is an attempt to spell out how family rituals can create a cohesiveness in family life. Family rituals and traditions can help parents educate their children concerning the ultimate values of life and give to all the family a sense of emotional well being. For those who are interested in building family solidarity, this sermon is a must.

Commitment: Getting Beyond Good Intentions


Description: Jesus asked his followers to follow him. Tony points out that commitment requires the giving of one's self. Commitment, he contends, is the basis for establishing our identity and giving our lives meaning.

Dating: Turning Your Love Life Over to God


Description: Tony raises serious questions about our present dating system. From his perspective he analyzes what goes on in dating, claiming that the whole arrangement can be detrimental to the social development of teenagers. He not only critiques, but he proposes alternatives that fit into a Christian value system.

The Church: God's Instrument for Changing the World


Description: This is a sermon about what the Bible tells us should be the function of the church. Tony explains what the church should be and how we can make it into what God has ordained for it to be. In this age where there is a great deal of talk about "faith-based" ministries, this sermon will provide a theological basis for action by church people.

Missions: Getting Beyond the Kingdom of Ticky-Tack


Description: This message delivered to a group of teenagers, calls them to a radical commitment to Christ. Highlighting the needs of the world, Tony begs young people to take seriously the call of Christ and to respond to those needs with all that they are and all that they have.

Vocation: Setting a Course and Traveling Light


Description: This message is especially relevant to young people who are choosing a vocation. The criteria for choices, as suggested by biblical imperatives, are carefully enunciated. Choosing work that will enable an individual to be an instrument of God for changing the world is at the center of this message.

Staying Balanced in an Unbalanced World


Description: Though specially designed for a secular audience, Tony sets forth truths that not only come out of scripture, but also are under girded by his illustrations. Utilizing the ancient Chinese balance of yin and yang, Tony endeavors to show how we can spiritually achieve a balance in our personal lives and in our social relationships.

The Last Great Idea


Description: Picking up on a monograph written by Francis Fukayama entitled The End of History, Tony does a critique on our contemporary socio-economic condition, and how it has molded the consciousness of people. He picks up a prophetic message that calls us to not conform to the materialistic values of our secular society, but to live out the vision of meaningful service to others prescribed by Christ.

Living with Passion


Description: In our most modern era, there is an awareness that too many people have been living their lives in a rigid and emotionally dead fashion. Tony contends that to be Christian, is to be called to passionate living marked by intensive commitments and total awareness to the greatness of God's provisions for us.

The Kingdom of God is a Party


Description: For those who think that Christianity is dull, this message provides an alternative perspective. It is a message that celebrates the joy that Christians can have and the excitement that goes with discipleship. Based on biblical teachings, this message tells of faithful dimensions to the positive sides of Christian like living.

Compassion for All Creation


Description: Being concerned about the environment, is an essential element of spirituality. Tony makes the case for ecological concern from the Bible.

The Great Things We Can Do




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