JUNE 2006

Dear Partners,

It has been a long time since I had what most people would call a conventional job. Developing ministries like Kingdomworks and Mission Year were hard work, of course, but there were no set hours and I never had a boss. Traveling around the world to preach the Gospel of grace, love and justice? For an adventurous true believer like me, that's a treat. As for serving my father, the board, and you folks as Executive Director of EAPE, well, that's among my favorite irregular assignments.

It's not easy overseeing the office that coordinates my father's 300+ speaking engagements each year (not to mention his correspondence, book projects, and media appearances) or keeping track of the incredible array of mission projects EAPE initiates and supports around the world, but it's tremendously exciting and fulfilling work. After all, I get to see the living, breathing fruit of this ministry of ours in an up close and personal way.

I meet children delivered from chaos into safe, decent schools fulfilled with love, and understand why their parents and grandparents are so joyful.

I watch dirt poor Haitians farmers and their reading teachers talking and laughing together with the confidence of trusted equals, and feel the liberation of true learning.

I listen to earnest, energized young adults pour out their hearts about the scandal of poverty they have discovered and the decisions they have made to fight it with their lives, and sense God-given potential being unleashed for good.

I meet newly educated African missionaries overflowing with excitement about their Bible-based economic development projects, and know our investments will return Kingdom dividends for years to come.

Seeing and hearing about such things, the same question runs through my mind over and over again: What is the absolute best way for us to steward all the resources of EAPE–our money, our network of relationships, our experience, our reputation, our administrative capabilities, our preaching skills–to do more and more of this kind of ministry?

Working with my father, the board and all of you to answer that question on a daily basis–that's my unconventional job description in a nutshell, I guess. Thank you for sticking with EAPE, and for giving so generously to help realize this mission we have of combining grace and social justice, on Earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus' name.

Keep the Faith!

Your Friend,

Bart Campolo

Bart Campolo

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