Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.”  And that’s the way it is for me these days.

These are the worst of times for me because, as you know, the date of June 30th, when EAPE legally shuts down, is quickly approaching.  I will miss the joy that goes with our mission of launching new ministries, and the gratification of watching young people that we (EAPE) have recruited, trained and spiritually nurtured emerge as Christian leaders.  Some have become pastors and youth ministers in local churches and others, who had entrepreneurial skills, have become founders of their own ministries in Third World countries and in “at risk” neighborhoods in cities across North America.  I’m enclosing a brochure which will remind you of a few of the twenty-two ministries that have been part of EAPE’s gospel spreading efforts over the past forty years, and in which so many young people gained their vision for Christian service.

These are also the best of times, because I am realizing that you are continuing to financially support EAPE during these difficult days, enabling us to fulfill obligations to our fledgling spin off ministries, each of which has moved progressively toward being self-supporting.

Please keep giving to EAPE because we continue to use your gifts to do the good work God has called us to do.  Your giving made it possible for us to support one of our affiliated programs, The Simple Way.  This ministry, located in a derelict neighborhood in Philadelphia, is restoring dilapidated houses and selling them to low-income families at cost with no down payment and long term mortgages with no interest.  This is part of the mission not only to bring the good news of God’s salvation to individuals, but also to bring people together to change this neighborhood into the kind of community that God wants it to be.  In response one single mother of three children said, “I’m so grateful that my God cares about what kind of house we live in!”

Another reason these are the best of times is that I feel myself being freed up to develop The Campolo Center for Ministry here at Eastern University, where I’ll still have my office. This center will undergird the preaching and teaching ministries through which I will continue to challenge young men and women to commit themselves to full-time Christian vocations.

As I move into this new stage of my life, I hope you will keep up with what I will be doing. You can do that by visiting where you’ll find a calendar of my speaking engagements.  There you can also log on to the weekly pod-casts of my radio program “Across the Pond.”  If you want a hard copy of when and where I will be speaking, write to:

Robert Gauthier
c/o The Campolo Center for Ministry
Eastern University
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19010

I’m counting on your prayers and your continued financial support for EAPE, right up through June 30th.


Tony Campolo
Founder and President, EAPE

P.S.  Over the years several of you have listed EAPE in your wills.  Would you be willing to change the beneficiary from EAPE to The Campolo Center for Ministry?  I would be forever grateful to have your support in this special way.  If this is a change you’re willing to make or if you have any questions, please call Robert Gauthier at 610-341-1715.