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Lenten Fast For Haiti, Update

Lenten Fast for Haiti Our friend, Erik Guzman, the Executive Producer at Key Life Network who can be heard on the nationally syndicated talk show Steve Brown Etc. and as announcer for Key Life, has undertaken a fast for the 40 days of Lent to raise money for relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti. He’s committed to give 100% of the proceeds to EAPE. To learn more, please check out Erik’s Lenten Fast for Haiti.

Update: Erik has raised over $600 and is hoping to push through to $1000 before Lent ends. Get the latest updates and pledge $1 per day of fasting!

2010 Haiti Earthquake Update 2

Dear Friends,

As most of our supporters know, EAPE’s deep commitment to Haiti began more than 30 years ago. While the devastating earthquake has certainly intensified our efforts, we were already serving the poor and oppressed in Haiti through Beyond Borders and Haiti Partners, and we will continue that work long after the world’s focus moves on.

To donate now, please click here and designate your gift for our "HAITI EARTHQUAKE FUND".

In response to the recent earthquake, we have set up short term, middle range and long term programs to alleviate the immediate suffering caused by the earthquake, as well as dealing with the ongoing need for the social, economic and spiritual development of the Haitian people.


Emergency Assistance – Since just after the quake, we have been working through our longstanding relationships with trusted community leaders and partner organizations to provide emergency assistance – food, water, tents, generators, medical personnel and supplies – to people who have lost everything, especially in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince and the nearby communities of Jacmel, Darbonne, and Marianman.

Safe Havens for Children - We are working to maintain two “safe havens” for hundreds of children who have been found wandering, dazed and lost on the streets of Port-au-Prince. These children are being cared for until their families can be found or some safe placement can be made where they will be clothed, fed and housed.

Transitional Education - As the situation begins to stabilize, we are providing teachers, educational resources, and other necessities to improve the situations of displaced people, and especially children, until they can rebuild their communities. Restarting education this way – particularly for children – is commonly understood to be one of the most immediate and important tasks in the aftermath of a disaster.


Resettlement of Refugees - In the coming weeks, large numbers of Haitians who have been living in Port-au-Prince, the capital, will be moving to smaller communities in outlying areas. In up to 25 of these communities we will endeavor to empower those who live there to receive and minister to these refugees, and integrate them into local churches, schools, and economies.

Rebuilding Communities – As the initial crisis passes, we will help with a variety of rebuilding projects, especially those focused on schools and economic development in those same communities, where we have trusted colleagues and long term relationships.


As soon as possible, our ministries will re-establish and expand the programs that were in place prior to the earthquake. These ministries have intentionally avoided the paternalism that has marked many well-intentioned missionary and government agencies in Haiti over the years, which have often nurtured mind-sets and practices of dependency among the very people they hope to help. Instead, we have been committed to empowering Haitians, rather than trying to do for them what only they can do for themselves.

Education and Leadership Development – Educating more than 6000 children (many of whom are restaveks, that is, virtually enslaved domestic servants), and more than 300 teachers and community leaders from all over the country

Living Words -- Continuing this effort to provide 10,000 people in churches and literacy centers with Bibles and training in literacy and spiritual development.

Child Welfare and Child Protection – Continuing our growing campaign to help Haitians end the restavek system of child servitude through education, advocacy, and direct intervention.

It is our hope to raise $500,000 in order to develop all of these programs. To support these efforts, please click here and designate your gift as “HAITI EARTHQUAKE FUND”.

Give generously and prayerfully in Haiti’s hour of need. Gifts can be made online at eape.org and www.tonycampolo.org or by mailing us your gift at:

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