Dear Partners and Friends,

In case you have any doubts about the efficiency and effectiveness of our EAPE affiliates, consider the good news that Beyond Borders, our ministry in Haiti, was recently listed as one of the top fifteen charities in America! That's right! Out of the tens of thousands of non-profit organizations in the country, our Beyond Borders was listed among the fifteen best for delivering the most bang-for-the-buck for those it seeks to serve.

Likewise, our own EAPE offices are an incredible bargain for our supporters. As it has for more the two decades, Eastern University provides EAPE with free office space and a steady stream of student workers to help with our administrative work. Because my speaking helps bring in students, Eastern also helps cover the costs of my executive assistant. Combine all that with the fact that Bart serves part-time and I serve for free, and you will understand why we are able to keep our overhead so low and thereby maximize your contributions for street-level ministry.

Also, don't forget that every year we recruit more than 150 university students from across the nation and around the world to work full-time in our various ministries...for free!

All of these economies are the main reason a moderately budgeted ministry like EAPE is able to make a direct, life changing impact on literally thousands of poor and oppressed people each and every year. Add to that number the thousands more who are being reached by God's love through the more than twenty-five ministries that have been launched by EAPE over the years, and you begin realize the true Kingdom value of our work together.

I hope all of this further convinces you that giving to EAPE is one of the very best investments you can make when it comes to delivering a holistic gospel to a needy world. Of course, we want to do even more. We feel called to do more. Please, do all you can to help us. As always, I'm counting on you.


Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo

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