Dear Ministry Partners,

There were plenty of angels in Bethlehemís skies when Jesus was born, but none to care for that little boy in Zimbabwe after his parents died of AIDS.

There was an angel to keep Abraham from hurting his son, but no angel kept that mother in Philadelphia from brutalizing her daughterís body, or from abusing the girlís psyche afterwards by calling her despicable names.

There was an angel waiting with good news for Mary Magdalene when she went to Jesusí tomb on Easter morning, but all that Haitian teenager found in her room was a sexual predator from the United States.

Where are Godís angels when we need them?

Could it be that God is calling you to be an angel for the helpless and the oppressed? Or could it be that God is calling you to send another to do this good work? I truly believe that our EAPE workers are doing the work of angels and during this Christmas season, when images of angels are everywhere, Iím asking you to do all you can to help.

God bless you,

Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo


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