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Whether you have a question or a message for Tony, want more information, or are ready to get involved in the work of EAPE, we are willing to connect with you in a more personal way!

Here are some things to know that may expedite your inquiry.

  • Invitations for Tony to speak - Use the Invite page.
  • Questions about Tony's books, tapes or DVDs to purchase - Use the Store page.
  • Questions about transactions on this website, (books, tapes or DVDs purchased here) contact: Mustard Seed; Attn. Cay Evans; 150 East Lancaster Avenue; Wayne, PA 19087; Please email any inquiries to Cay at or call 610-688-6253.

Please limit the use of the form below to your question or comment. If you have been in touch with our office before regarding an engagement, please do not use this form. You may simply fill out and submit the electronic form below or you may call or write to us at:

Dr. Tony Campolo
1300 Eagle Rd.
St. Davids, PA 19087

Phone: 610-341-1722
Fax: 610-341-4372

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of mail that Tony and his office receives, and Tony's travel schedule, a response to you may take four-six weeks. Thank you for allowing us to respond appropriately to your message. You may reach Tony via e-mail through his Executive Assistant, James Warren at or through the form below. Please include your mailing and/or e-mail address in the form.




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