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GREAT NEWS!!  Cornerstone Christian Academy, the school EAPE started and supported achieved full accreditation from Middle States Association of Colleges and School Commission Elementary and Secondary Schools.  This shows that our school, located in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia, is not only helping “at risk” children get a good handle on what Christianity is all about, but is doing so while maintaining very high standards of education.  We’re thrilled!

MORE GOOD NEWS!  There are twenty young adults, Micah Scholars, who have been recruited, and are being supported by our EAPE ministry in Haiti.  They are now studying at various seminaries in and around Port-au-Prince.  When they graduate they will serve as pastors, church planters, and Christian education directors for churches throughout their country.

And another thing – Recently Brian Ballard of Red Letter Christians, another of our EAPE programs, spent several days in Haiti teaching these Micah Scholars how to use the Internet.  I love it when our separately incorporated ministries network and find ways to help each other.  Brian is a wiz with computers and an outstanding teacher.  He did much to make the Micah Scholars more effective servants for God’s Kingdom.

Please note that we will continue to support all of EAPE’s ministries until the end of June.  Between now and then we are hoping you will transfer your monthly support to one or more of the EAPE ministries which best focus on your heartfelt concerns. If you have not already done so, please contact my office to let us know which of EAPE’s ministries you would like to direct your future giving.

Do not think that I will stop doing ministry.  I will go on preaching, recruiting young people for Christian ministries, and carrying on missionary work.  But after June 30th, I’ll be doing my ministry work under the umbrella of the Campolo Center for Ministry (CCM) at Eastern University.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  Each of our ongoing EAPE ministries needs your continued giving.  Pray for them! Pray for me!  Transitions are hard to handle.  Thanks for all you continue to do for EAPE.

Tony Campolo

Founder and President, EAPE

P.S. If you missed the Philadelphia Inquirer’s article about Tony and the future of EAPE, you can read the online version here:


Gifts Stolen From Urban Mentors Network Christmas Toy Drive

In last month’s newsletter (Giving Thanks for Surrogate Families) we shared about the ministry of Jaime Taylor, one of EAPE’s urban missionaries who founded and directs Urban Mentors Network in Oakland, CA. 


Urban Mentors Network’s year of ministry culminates with its annual Christmas party for the children, youth and families it serves.  It’s a grand celebration where folks come together to share a meal and children receive Christmas presents. In Jaime’s words, “the most important thing about the day is that people feel loved and reminded that God sees them.”


Unfortunately, thieves broke in to UMN’s storage unit, two days before Thanksgiving, and stole $2,000 worth of toys and gifts Jaime had been collecting throughout the year. 


This tragedy made the local news in Oakland, which is helping to get the word out.  Please read the full story below or watch the coverage here:

In the interview with the KTVU, Jaime explained that “The kids in the program help organize it and it’s open to everyone in their East Oakland neighborhood. Last year 300 people showed up. This year’s party is on December 14, and the group had collected enough toys to hand out to about 100 kids.” 


“At this point we’re down to nothing again. So, we’re starting over,” Jaime said, which is why we need your help! 


The Urban Mentors Network’s Christmas party is Saturday, December 14 so please Donate Now before it’s too late! Please specify “Urban Mentors Network” in the comment field. 


Or you can order toys and gifts from Urban Mentors Network’s Amazon Wish List and have them shipped directly to Oakland. 


Thank you for supporting us and all of our ministries with your prayers and generosity this Christmas season. 


With gratitude and hope in Jesus, the new born King.

- the team at EAPE

UMN Toy Drive

Urban Mentors Network Christmas Party









By Allie Rasmus

OAKLAND, Calif. —

An Oakland non-profit is being forced to start the holiday toy drive they’ve worked on all year all over again, after thieves stole $2,000 worth of donated gifts and supplies.

“When I got here yesterday it was disheveled like this,” said Urban Mentors Network director, Jaime Taylor, describing what she saw in the group’s storage locker after someone broke the lock and stole the contents.

“They got lucky,” Taylor said of the thieves. “There were bags of toys, mp3 players, gifts for small children.”

The gifts belonged to the Oakland non-profit, Urban Mentors Network. Group leaders meet weekly with 40 East Oakland kids to help with school work and support at home.

“It was important. To feel like I was loved by someone that wasn’t part of my family,” said Ty’Anna Sandifer.

Sandifer was a student in the program seven years ago, now she’s a mentor to some of the younger kids.

“It just makes me feel like I’m doing something positive instead of running the streets,” she said.

Taylor said their big event every year is their Christmas party. The kids in the program help organize it and it’s open to everyone in their East Oakland neighborhood. Last year 300 people showed up. This year’s party is on December 14, and the group had collected enough toys to hand out to about 100 kids.

“At this point we’re down to nothing again. So, we’re starting over,” Taylor said.

The storage facility where their locker was is near San Leandro street and 66th avenue. Taylor said the facility does have security cameras, but she was told the cameras don’t face the front of her storage unit. No one was in the front office when KTVU visited Wednesday afternoon.

“Our youth and families are amazing, they’re strong and courageous, but a lot of them don’t have much. So when I felt like they were stealing from them, it really broke me,” Taylor said.

Taylor said this year’s party will go on as planned but she and her volunteers will spend the next two weeks scrambling for donations to try to replace what was lost.


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