Dear Partners,

Let me report on some really good things that are happening:

I've been doing a lot of media work, appearing on such wide-ranging TV shows as The Colbert Report to my own radio show on the Premiere Radio Network in the United Kingdom. By the way, you can tune in by internet by going to www.premiere.org.uk at 6:30 PM on Saturday or noon on Sunday (EST).

Right now we are working hard to bring together our people and organizations into a new institute for urban youth ministries to provide training and mentoring for hundreds of new youth workers. There's a good possibility that what we're putting together will dramatically impact urban youth work all across America. Yes–we're thinking that big–and it looks like these visions and dreams can become reality.

Finally, I want you to get a taste of what inner-city ministry is about–so I'm enclosing a short story from our Camden program that I beg you to read. It will make you more willing than ever to support the work we're doing with your gifts and prayers–and we need your help!


Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo

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