EAPEWhen you support EAPE, you support a network of national and international ministries. Your gifts also support three full time EAPE office workers, each of whom has a specialized ministry. What they do is likely to go unnoticed by those who are not around to observe what they do, day in and day out, so I thought I’d tell you about them.

First of all, there’s Robert Gauthier. In addition to keeping track of donations, writing “thank you” notes and serving as our bookkeeper, he is secretary and treasurer for the board of directors. He spends a good bit of his time on the phone, calling, you, our donors and letting you know how grateful all of us are for your prayers and financial support. He makes sure that we know you as persons. Robert keeps me posted as to special needs or problems any of you may have so that I can follow up with prayers and words of encouragement. He helps make our donors very special individuals to us, and if he has not called you yet—there’s a good chance he will. He’s diligent.

Secondly, there’s James Warren. This seminary grad is my right-hand man. He receives and makes sure that I answer all the considerable mail that comes into the office. I answer all of the letters that are addressed to me personally. What is most important is that he spends many, many hours talking to people who call in with special problems. Time and time again, people come up to me and tell me what a help and blessing he has been to them. Just recently a woman in a church in Canada told me that if she hadn’t had James’ help she doesn’t know what she would have done – because she had been on the verge of spiritual and emotional collapse. She said that talking to him by phone was better than going to a professional counselor. He does this while making sure that all the details that go with making speaking and travel arrangements for my 300+ engagements each year are handled with optimal efficiency.

Finally, there’s Brian Ballard. It’s sometimes hard for me to realize that he graduated from Eastern only a couple of years ago. He does the engineering for our radio show, Across the Pond, for the British Premier Christian Radio network. This show not only has a wide audience in the United Kingdom but also has a huge number of listeners online (go to TonyCampolo.org/media if you want to hear it). In addition to that he does all the securing of guests and all the arranging for EAPE’s weekly TV show, Red Letter Christians. The show is broadcast on the cable channel JCTV but can also be viewed online by going to RedLetterChristians.org/rlc-tv.

Besides all of the above, I have to tell you that Brian’s primary responsibility is to supervise the development of EAPE’s newest ministry, Red Letter Christians. This entails maintaining the Red Letter Christians blog which, since it was initiated a little over a year ago, has had more than a million “unique hits”, making it one of the hottest blogs online. This is a dynamic new ministry that is reaching all generations but especially the younger set.