EAPE was born out of Tony Campolo’s ongoing passion for combining evangelism and social justice. Our mission statement – to inspire and enable followers of Jesus to live out God’s love for the poor and oppressed – may be fairly new, but the values it expresses have been ours from the very beginning.

Initially EAPE was simply Tony, a few of his friends and a bunch of his Eastern Baptist College (now Eastern University) students organizing a few small mission projects in the Dominican Republic and the inner-city Philadelphia. As Tony has become an increasingly influential leader in American Christianity, the resources and the scope of EAPE’s ministry have grown accordingly. If you are really interested in our somewhat amazing story, we invite you to read Over The Top For Jesus: A Brief History of the Life and Ministry of Tony Campolo and EAPE.

At this point, however, EAPE is a fairly simple organization. Out of our office on the St. Davids campus of Eastern University, we manage the speaking and writing ministries of Tony Campolo, and we use our considerable experience and connections, along with the financial resources entrusted to us by our donors, to initiate and support a dynamic array of creative ministries around the world.



Tony Campolo, Founder and President
John T. Galloway, Jr, Executive Director
Robert Gauthier, Managing Director and Director of Development
Danny Lovero, Accountant and Bookkeeper
James Warren, Executive Assistant and Office Administrator
David Phillips, Board Chair
Allan Beverly, Board Member; Personnel Committee Chair
Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Board Member
Tony Campolo, Founder and President
Tom Dahlstrom, Board Member
Joe DiPaolo, Board Member
Jenny Fair, Board Member, Program Committee Chair
Jim Hooker, Board Member; Red Letter Christians Chair
Stanley R. Ott, Board Member
Jon Seltenheim, Board Member
Dennis Schlosser, Board Member; Finance/Audit Committee Chair
Nancy Tragard, Board Member
John T. Galloway, Jr (ex officio)
Robert Gauthier, Secretary-Treasurer (ex officio)