Red Letter Christianity is a way of the future. The 20th century was marked by expounding the theology of the Apostle Paul as found in the Epistles. Such theology’s primary focus was on the individual. Pauline thinking around issues such as justification is egocentric and required an inward and personal journey. There is no question […]

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Our Heart – Boston Project Ministries

Boston Project Ministries

For our Neighborhood Youth Ministries, this means living and sharing the message of Hope. We believe God has created each young person as a unique masterpiece. Our desire is to love each child and teenager for who they are and to discover with them God’s exciting purpose for their life.

Our young people have a destiny.

We invest in their leadership development. We are encouraged by the progress we see in their lives: grades climbing from D’s to A’s; a child being named Most Improved Student of the Year; providing a teenager with her first job; raising funds to build a new children’s park; and in watching girls who a year ago were enemies now looking out for each other in love. This is just a snapshot of ways we see God at work. They see it too.

We provide services, opportunities and supports year-round to youth and families! Through these relationships, we seek to help meet physical, academic, spiritual, emotional, and economic needs in our neighborhood.

The Heart of What We Do

by Urban Promise International’s Bruce Main

Twenty-five years ago UrbanPromise in Camden, NJ was started by a small group of college interns.  These young leaders, fresh out of college, were filled with idealism and energy. They built the foundation on which the ministry now stands. UP has always believed in the potential of young adult leaders.

This summer, UrbanPromise International has helped launch an internship program in Malawi, allowing college students the opportunity to serve in practical ways in the existing affiliate ministries throughout the country. They teach, they coach, they lead songs, they mentor, they role model…they love Malawi’s most vulnerable children in the name of Jesus.

Meet Nathan and Innocent (left to right in photo above). Innocent works with ProjectTEACH, just graduated from the African Bible College (ABC), and is an avid soccer player. At TEACH, Innocent coaches the under 14 team and teaches Bible at the day camp. Nathan serves at Rays of Hope. Nathan is going into his junior year at ABC and studies communications. At Rays he teaches computers in the morning and teaches Art and Literature at the summer camp.

These extraordinary young men embody the spirit of the intern program–they love children, work long hours, and see themselves as part of changing Malawi.

Speaking with Vision

We want to see a mass movement across the rising generation. We want to see this generation positioned and equipped to bring spiritual, social, economic, political and environmental transformation. We want to see God’s Kingdom established in all its different facets.

Speak UKWe want to see it in all our relationships and in our lifestyle as a whole. We believe that in order to do this we need to NETWORK and work in connecting and bringing people together with a similar heart. Networking means that all are connected, and we can build unity in our actions and our prayers. In praying about situations of injustice and speaking out about the same things at the same time, we are able to make our call for change louder!

Speak is a not an organization. SPEAK is a network, because we believe it takes all of us to recognize that we have a responsibility to those who are suffering as a result of global injustice. In the past we have spent long enough believing that an organization will do it all for us and that giving limited financial assistance to a charity is enough. However, global problems are more deep rooted, connected with unfair trade and debt, and many other issues.

SPEAK is not another organization existing to soothe our consciences. SPEAK exists to stir the conscience of everyone. We act as a movement to stir people, especially the younger generation, into action and see them released as catalysts to motivate the church as a whole. It is not served up to you on a plate – it is up to you to take initiative. SPEAK is an evolving, dynamic movement of relationships.

The relationships formed within the Network are constantly sparking off new initiatives. We believe that we are empowered and resourced in relationship with God and in relationship with each other, rather than just through an organization. It is difficult to box this movement, or to give a totally accurate neat description.

It’s about being a motivational catalyst in areas of Christian community. It’s about lifestyle. It’s about moving into action. It’s about getting things going, creating an infectious movement that seeks to change unfair power structures. It’s about following Jesus. It’s about modeling something new, sharing our faith with people disillusioned by institutional models of church and Christian community. It’s about reaching people who are searching spiritually.

Our History – REACH Ministries

REACH MinistriesREACH Ministries was founded by Susan Slonaker in 1999 as a nonprofit Christian organization to serve, through the love of Jesus, the communities from the deserts of the Southwest through the Pacific Northwestern states, providing respite for those affected by life-threatening illnesses and situations. In recent years, however, REACH has expanded its services to meet the needs of those in 12 states across the United States. Our primary focus is on suffering children and their families, those most harshly judged and isolated because they live with HIV/AIDS.

Medical professionals from Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center of Seattle, Madigan Medical Army Hospital, Multi Care and various other health organizations, individuals and groups donate their time and talents to serve the children, families and the community in many ways. Some volunteers serve directly with the youth though our REACH Mentoring program, REACH Camp and psychosocial Progressive Units. Others serve by providing education and support through the REACH High School program, REACH Global Initiatives (which includes REACH Children Around the World in Prayer and REACH Adoptions), and our ABC+G Sex Education curriculum.

About Peace of the City Ministries

Peace of the City

Motivated by Jesus’ call to “love your neighbor”, dedicated staff and volunteers offer a range of relevant programs designed to provide young people with the skills, tools and values needed to succeed educationally, break the cycle of poverty, and lead meaningful, productive lives and hopefully become community leaders and role models.

Since 1992, Peace of the City Ministries has been a “roll up your sleeves and get to work“outfit. We feel constrained by the call of Jesus Christ to care for those our society would rather forget. Our ministry seeks to provide for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the poor and “working poor”.

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is the forgotten Rust Belt City. Since 1950, Buffalo has lost nearly 50% of its population. Thousands of abandoned homes and storefronts are scattered throughout the city. Over 70% of children enrolled in public schools live below poverty level. Historically, over 95% of youth involved in our ministry have come from single-mother homes. Our city is barely hanging on. Peace of the City has rooted itself in neighborhoods

Harambee Foundation – Our Story

Harambee FoundationIn 2005, after spending six weeks as a solo-backpacker across East Africa, Joshua Johnston’s life was to forever change. He was struck, not only by the lack of resources available to so many and the weight of poverty, especially affecting children, but also, as in the words of a Tanzanian pastor he met along the way, a “mental-slavery” which left people without a vision to be able to create positive change within their environment. This left a burden upon his heart and he felt God’s calling to serve in Tanzania. Joshua hoped that by living in the community and working together with the people, he could be a living witness and challenge them to see themselves in the light of Lord, rather than by the sight of a broken world, which devalued them.

harambee-3In 2007, under the auspices of EAPE, the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, Joshua began a one-year mission in Babati, Tanzania working alongside volunteers in the community to begin an outreach to street children. They opened a small day center and safe haven where young children could receive a daily meal, clothing, medical care and access washing facilities. This small project was also to serve as a model within the community of how it was possible to affect positive change if people worked together and focused on what they could give, rather than what they would receive.

With the EAPE commitment over in 2008, Joshua and a small group of friends joined together to form the Harambee Foundation in order to continue the groundbreaking work he had started a year and a half earlier.

Summer Camps and Christian Discipleship
Urban Promise Miami COURAGE

Urban Promise Miami’s summer camp COURAGE (which stands for “Changing Others Using Respect and God’s Embrace”) serves upwards of 75 children and youth from the Little Havana area providing a variety of enrichment activities, including arts and crafts, recreation, Bible study and field trips.

I recently returned from a month long speaking tour in Australia on behalf of Compassion International and World Vision. These two Christian organizations give significant support to our own EAPE ministries, so I was pleased to help them. My mission was to recruit a thousand people to sponsor desperately poor children in Developing Countries. The good news is that I was able to exceed that goal!

At every speaking venue I met people who told me that they regularly read the Red Letter Christians blog, and are faithful listeners to our radio program, “Across the Pond.” Both of these EAPE ministries can be accessed online at, and are reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Thank you for helping make them possible.

During the next several weeks, many programs of our EAPE affiliated ministries go into high gear. Especially consider the hundreds and hundreds of kids who will be in our EAPE related summer camp programs, the 300 school teachers who will receive training from our affiliate in Haiti this summer, the scores of young women in our mentoring ministry in Oakland, CA, and the new “Urban Promise” ministries to children in “at risk” neighborhoods in Miami, FL, and Trenton, NJ. All of these outreach programs will have their financial resources stretched thin this summer, but with your support EAPE stands ready to assist them.

Camp Courage Street Leaders

Street Leaders are high school aged students recruited by Urban Promise Miami to serve as Camp Courage counselors and role models for the neighborhood children in Little Havana.

Reaching people – especially kids – with God’s love, and nurturing young people into being Christian disciples is what EAPE is all about. Your giving is essential to keep our work going. We’re counting on your support, especially during our busy summer months when giving tends to drop off and as we transition into a new school year.

Lastly, you probably know that one of EAPE’s missions is to challenge young people to make commitments to doing God’s work in the world. To this end I regularly call teenagers and young adults not only to become believers in Jesus, but also to become His disciples. Believers are those who accept Christian doctrines, whereas disciples are those who are willing to serve Christ in all that they do.

Recently, more than 2000 young men and women responded to my invitation to discipleship when I spoke in Mt. Union, PA at the Creation Festival. (These are Christian versions of Woodstock where more than 50,000 young people come together to camp out, enjoy Christian bands and listen to speakers.) I don’t know how many of these young people will end up living out their discipleship as teachers, preachers and missionaries, but I’m sure many of them will. Others, I hope, will live out their discipleship in a variety of other vocations.

About Evangeline Ministries

Evangeline MinistriesInspired by Need & Founded on Love

In January 2006, Evangeline Ministries was founded by missionary Wendy Ryan in Cape Town, South Africa to help women and men who live with HIV and AIDS and other disadvantaged women develop skills to help them earn a living for themselves and their children; and to give them hope as they live with this disease — all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Evangeline Ministries works in partnership with the Masiphumelele Corporation and Trust to offer skills training in the form of sewing classes, computer classes and business classes. Additionally, our program generates income for the women and their families as they sew and sell attractive African inspired handbags.

Spiritual Outreach

Evangeline MinistriesThe spiritual life of our students is central to all that we do here. Our ministry is in the name of Jesus Christ and Evangeline Ministries is committed to bring the hope that Jesus Christ offers to everyone in our classes.

One of the ways we do this is through Scripture and prayer. At the end of every class, Wendy shares a Scripture God has placed on her heart and explains what it means in students’ lives. She especially uses Scriptures that teach of God’s unconditional love and how much He wants to give them abundant and overflowing life, even though they live with HIV and AIDS and often are so ashamed of it. A key verse is the one in John10:10 where Jesus says, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”

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