The accomplishments of our EAPE mission workers are so numerous that the space in a single newsletter will not allow me to report on them all, so let me tell you about just two of them.

Children's Academy First Buidling February 2023

The first building of the Children’s Academy, dedicated on February 24, 2023. The goal of Haiti Partner’s school program is to provide life-long learning and community transformation.

Haiti Partners, the ministry EAPE started and continues to support in Haiti, has launched a new program: The Children’s Academy. On February 24th a new building was dedicated and is now being used for a pre-school that serves 75 children. These are children who have had no preparation for first grade and would likely fail without this pre-school experience. The teachers have been carefully selected and have received extensive specialized training.

Initially Haiti Partners is funding this program, but over the next five years it will be nurtured to self-sufficiency. A bakery is being created with a grant from the Pan American Development Foundation that not only will create jobs for some of the Academy’s neighbors, but will gradually assume responsibility for sustaining the Academy. John Engle, Kent Annan, Kerline Janvier and Alex Myril, who worked together to lead in the development of this program, deserve a lot of credit and EAPE is grateful to God for their leadership.

Art therapy at REACH Camp

Art therapy at REACH Camp. REACH Camp provides a safe and loving environment for children and their families impacted by HIV/AIDs.

Out of the many other programs that EAPE supports, I think the ministry of REACH deserves some special attention. This is a year round outreach to children and teenagers in the Pacific Northwest who have AIDS or have tested HIV positive. This ministry went through a traumatic transition because of the death of its Executive Director, Michael Fischer, due to cancer. In spite of this great loss the REACH team pulled together and actually expanded the program. One of their activities is a summer camp program and this year the camp attendance grew by 50%! Michael’s legacy continues through the highly enriched spiritual emphasis REACH now has. One mother reported: “My HIV positive son connected with an HIV positive young adult at this year’s summer camp – that was the predominant takeaway. My son felt normal and felt he had future.”

The Bible verse that became the theme for this year’s camp is Jeremiah 29:11 –The power of this verse reverberated throughout all of REACH’s programs.

As EAPE reaches both children and adults around the world through 300 full-time workers we depend on your prayers and faithful support. Your