I have received encouraging emails and letters from the mission field in recent months. They have been filled with reports about what EAPE-affiliated ministries and followers of Jesus are doing around the world.

For instance, I received good news about our affiliated ministry based in Dundee, Scotland. Signpost International works to combat the causes of poverty in the  Philippines, India, Uganda and throughout the United Kingdom. This year Signpost will expand its job training and education initiatives and increase access to clean  later and electricity in the communities where it serves, which will improve the lives of thousands of children, youth and their families.

I also read an outstanding report about our affiliate, Going Public, which reaches young people throughout Wales. This year the ministry will run week-long programs in 25 schools, reaching hundreds of teenagers with a faith-based curriculum that uses music, drama and assembly programs.

Next year I will be doing major fundraising events for both of these programs when I  am in the United Kingdom.

I recently received an email from Marvin Rees, a graduate of our EAPE-sponsored training program in social and economic justice. He let me know that he is the Labour Party’s candidate for mayor in Bristol, England—and he has a good chance of winning. If elected in November, this deeply committed Christian will not only work for the good of the people of his city, but also will serve in a Cabinet-level position in the British government.

There was also a message about a Christian woman in Lubbock, Texas, who was inspired by EAPE’s mission and message to use her retirement years to direct an international student ministries program at Texas Tech University.

In another email, I learned that back in 1983, through EAPE’s outreach, a member of the Second Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to do mission  work in Haiti. He has taken almost 30 teams of workers to serve the cause of Christ in that needy nation, and he has just finished his soon-to-be-published book, Hooked on Haiti, which describes the effects of his ministry.

This is a time to be encouraged because of EAPE’s dramatic impact on the world. But we need your help to keep up this good work! Continue to share in what’s happening and give as much as you can so that together we can do (by God’s grace) all the good we can!