Cabrini Green Legal AidOn the morning of June 20th, CGLA organized a Records Relief Seminar for individuals actively seeking to overcome their past and make a better life for themselves. Chicago-based energy company Exelon sent 75 attorneys and support staff to LaSalle Street Church’s Cornerstone Center. There they teamed up with attorneys from the law firm Skadden Arps and staff from CGLA, The Cara Program, Housing Opportunities for Women, the Salvation Army, Access Community Health, and County Clerk Dorothy Brown’s Office. Together these groups provided legal and ancillary services to over 60 people seeking to clear or mitigate past criminal records.

Cabrini Green Legal AidIn addition to individual consultation on their legal options, attendees were able to attend resume writing workshops, learn about their legal rights, and discover other health and employment services available to them as they worked to turn their lives around for the better. It was a unique event that brought the business and legal community, county officials, and non-profits together to serve. Each of these sectors has a role to play in improving people’s lives, and each is more effective when clients are supported in taking advantage of what the others have to offer.

God at Work in Haiti – Children’s Academy & Chickens

I want to give you the good news about one of our Core Ministries—Haiti Partners. They recently received a $250,000 loan to start a poultry business. And I believe it is in act of God’s intervention that they were recently blessed to have a German  missionary, who has expertise in the poultry business, “just happen” to join Haiti Partners at precisely the time they needed help in making sure this new enterprise becomes efficient and profitable.

This new project will not only create desperately needed jobs for Haitians. It will also provide income for several of the schools that Haiti Partners is developing and supporting. The goal is to make each of these affiliated schools self-supporting. And there is little doubt in my mind that Haiti Partners will succeed.

One of these new ministries in education will be constructed in the mountains just four miles south of Port-au-Prince on 2.8 acres of land. There will be eight classroom buildings, administrative offices, a library and a computer lab as well as a kitchen and dining area.

The Children’s Academy will be consistent with the ideals to which Haiti Partners is committed – Spiritual and moral growth, civic responsibility and empowerment, environmental stewardship, entrepreneurship, artistic creativity and individual expression, fluency in Haitian-Creole, French and English, technological fluency, especially with computers. I can think of no better way to share God’s love in a tangible way with God’s children in Haiti at this time than this.

Given the way God is at work in Haiti Partners bringing together free enterprise and education, it is not at all surprising that their work has been featured on TV by the Discovery Channel and Fox Business News. Your gifts to EAPE are being multiplied a hundred fold around the world. This is one story of how it’s happening.

Our Core Ministries like Haiti Partners, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Urban Promise, Mission Year and numerous others that you have helped EAPE to start and sustain are deserving of your ongoing sacrificial support. We need some extra help right now – so give all you can. Thank you!

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