I want you to know about two very special Christian leaders who were nurtured into full-time ministry, partly because of your support of what we do.

First, there’s Carl Clark, who, from the time he was six years old, was involved with Urban Promise –the EAPE affiliate that we initiated and continue to support in Camden, N.J. Carl was an enthusiastic participant in our summer long camping programs, Bible studies, gospel choir, and was tutored in our after school programs. As a teenager Carl became a “street leader” with Urban Promise.

After graduating from The College of New Jersey, and beginning a successful career in the banking industry, Carl returned to serve with Urban Promise and is the executive director of their newest outreach mission in Trenton, N.J. Starting this past summer Carl, along with five teenager recruits, involved 65 children in daily programs that led in the fall to year around activities that include cultural enrichment programs, spiritual nurturing and after school learning  activities. His work is impacting children in some of the neediest neighborhoods in America.

EAPE’s newest supported ministry is Urban Mentors Network, in Oakland, CA, led by Jaime Taylor. More than a decade ago Jaime traveled to Oakland to serve with one of the teams of Mission Year – still another program started by EAPE. After her term of service ended Jaime stayed in Oakland and continued to lead a Bible study program that eventually gave birth to our new affiliate the Urban Mentors Network. That ministry now has 25 volunteer workers, each of whom tutors and serves as a spiritual mentor to 5 teenagers. Along with the 5 girls in Jaime’s own group, that’s an outreach to 130 teenagers weekly!

In addition to her Urban Mentors Network Jaime also serves as the city director for 50 college-aged Mission Year workers who are serving in both Oakland and Sacramento, California.

Carl and Jaime are just two of the scores of young men and women who have come through EAPE’s programs, and have gone on to serve in leadership roles in ministries across North America and in several foreign countries. Your prayers and financial investments in EAPE have enabled us to challenge and support young mission workers who today are serving Christ in both our own affiliated programs and in a host of other ministries.

Only eternity will reveal how many lives have been changed as you have partnered with us in what EAPE is doing. So please keep on praying, and keep on giving. Help us to keep the momentum going.