As we celebrate the Advent of Jesus, we and all of our ministry partners wish you and your family a blessed Christmas filled with peace, love and joy!

This Christmas

Sometimes when we look out, the world seems so dark. An earthquake in Haiti kills some of the most oppressed people on earth; lost teenagers hang out on street corners, their lives devoid of meaning; bleary-eyed pan handlers accost you on city sidewalks, begging for quarters; and children are born to drug addicted mothers, whose only escape is to spend endless hours staring blankly at television images.

But if you choose to believe in the possibilities for healing and transformation, you can join with the visionary missionaries who serve with EAPE, and become partners of hope for a broken world. That's what Jesus would have you do this Christmas. Do it with your prayers! Do it with your giving! They greatly need your help.


Tony Campolo
Tony Campolo
Founder and President

Last year EAPE received over 25% of our annual revenue in the month of December. This year some of our regular donors have had to cut back or cease giving due to personal financial pressures. However, most of EAPE's supporters continue their generous support -- and in fact, your giving is needed now more than ever! Make a special Christmas gift today and provide our missionaries with the support they need to love and serve vulnerable children and families through-out North America and around the world.

Thank you for your prayers and support, which will make a difference! Click here to donate online or mail your gift to EAPE at: P.O. Box 7238 | St. Davids, PA | 19087.

Your gift will make a difference!

Online giving makes good stewardship sense for us by reducing overhead costs and potential errors and you by reducing check writing, monthly paperwork and providing you with instant access to your account history.

For more information, please contact our office at 610-341-1715.


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