Dear EAPE Partners,

In addition to reporting on the many EAPE programs your gifts support, I think it’s important for you to read about the personal experiences of our young workers who serve so faithfully.

I have always said that the greatest legacy of EAPE is the young people whose lives we have impacted over the years, who will keep beating the Gospel drum long after we are gone. Here’s one of their stories:

Finding a place to sleep is a nightly search for Nyhiem, so it was no surprise when one of our key leaders in our Camden ministry discovered him, sound asleep in the back ofthe van that belongs to UrbanPromise.  Nyhiem has not been in school for three months.  His mother is usually gone most ofthe day from their shabby two-room apartment, trying to make her own desperate way, leaving Nyhiem on thestreets to fend for himself.  He spends his days scrounging for chocolate bars and French fries to fill his stomach.  His social worker is so inundated with other cases that she only gets to check on Nyhiem every two months, that is—if she can find him. 

At eight years of age, Nyhiem’s future is being decided for him.  He has no real home, he will have no education, and he probably will end up in jail at a very early age.  Nyhiem is becoming another painful statistic of the inner city, but there he lies, innocently sleeping in our van.  We know we have to do something for him. 

Ministry is not only about getting people into Heaven when they die; it is to enable them to live with the kind of hope that Christ wills for every living child.  Nyhiem needs to know Jesus as his personal Savior, but he also has to know that boys like him will be ministered to in the name of Christ.

It’s important for our hearts to be broken bythe things that break the heart of God. That’s why I ask you to give sacrificially each month, so that we can reach out to children like Nyhiem.

UrbanPromise makes Jesus known in dark places, and much that they do would not go on without your support. This is just one of many important reasons why you must not let up in giving and lifting up prayers for EAPE. A lot of good things are happening because you care.


Tony Campolo

P.S. During this Thanksgiving season, all of us at EAPE are incredibly thankful for the support and encouragement from all our friends who make our ministry possible. If you have not made a gift to EAPE this year, please prayerfully consider a special year-end contribution. Your gift will make a difference! Thank you!

Your gift will make a difference!

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