JULY 2011

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to introduce EAPE's new executive director, Dr. John Galloway. The former pastor of the Wayne Presbyterian Church in Wayne, PA., John has long been one of the foremost preachers in the Presbyterian Church. He has authored several books on a variety of Christian topics, his most recent beingMinistry Loves Company which is used as a text in several seminaries. He is also noted for his clear presentation of an evangelical gospel that incorporates Biblical imperatives for social justice and works of compassionate service to those in need. Moreover, John and I have developed a close personal friendship over the last decade, as part of a small group of Christian men that meets regularly for prayer and fellowship. A mature and trustworthy leader, he is a perfect fit for EAPE at this point and a comfortable fit for me, as my son Bart moves on from EAPE after almost two decades of leadership.  

It may sound like mere fatherly pride, but I think Bart is leaving EAPE with an incredible record of service. Consider his achievements:

  1. He was a member of our first ministry team in Camden, NJ, leading a summer program at the Rosedale Baptist Church that eventually, under the leadership of his friend Bruce Main, grew into the ministry now know as Urban Promise, which is widely considered one of the best urban ministries in the U.S.
  2. He was the initiator of EAPE's first after-school and summer camp programs in the Philadelphia's Bartram Village housing project, which years later led to the creation of Cornerstone Christian Academy.
  3. He founded and supervised Kingdomworks, a ministry which trained and deployed hundreds of college students to develop outreach programs for youth and children in churches throughout Philadelphia.
  4. He founded and directed for many years The National Urban Youth Workers Convention, which brought together thousands of youth workers from churches and parachurch ministries for specialized training and inspiration, and led to the ongoing work of Larry Acosta's Urban Youth Workers Institute.
  5. He founded and directed Mission Year, which has impacted communities and churches in cities across the nation, and nurtured many hundreds of young adults into lives of Christian service.
  6. He founded and continues to lead The Walnut Hills Fellowship, a street-level intentional community that cares for its socially disinherited neighbors in its very difficult neighborhood in Cincinnati.
  7. He organized the Red Letter Christian movement, which today is challenging followers of Christ around the world to take seriously the radical teachings of Jesus.

Bart has done all of these things while continuing to manage my public ministry, direct activities at the EAPE office, and offer insight and encouragement to the core ministries and affiliates that depend on us for support. He really has been amazing.

Thanks to Bart, and to all of you, and most of all thanks to God's grace, EAPE is in good shape right now. Our work is even expanding, through our core programs in places like Miami, FL, Houston, TX, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Malawi, and in Haiti where children are being delivered from slavery, indigenous leadership is being developed, thousands of adults are learning to read, and schools are being improved through our teacher training programs.

In all that we do, we promote a holistic gospel that puts Christ at the center and seeks to bring others to a personal relationship with Him. Please, pray for all the young men and women who daily sacrificially serve in our EAPE ministries. And please, continue to give so that these ministries can continue to flourish.


Tony Campolo

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Your gift will make a difference!

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