MARCH 2011

Dear EAPE Partners,

I hope you are keeping track of our newest ministry, Red Letter Christians, where great progress is being made. The response, across America and around the world, has been more than encouraging.

When you go to our Red Letter Christians website to catch up on all we are doing, pay special attention to the “blog”, an ongoing, international conversation between those of us committed to this movement. I’m no “techie”, but I love taking advantage of the internet to propagate the lifestyle that Jesus prescribed inHis Sermon on the Mount. Increasingly, a new generation not only wants solid doctrine, but also a Christianity that calls on people, young and old, to live out the love and justice which Jesus requires of His followers.

There is more: Our Red Letter Christians radio show, Across the Pond, which is broadcast across the United Kingdom every Sunday at 5:00, is also heard by tens of thousands of people around the world via our weekly podcast.

Also, starting in March, we will have a weekly, half-hour television show produced and distributed by the TBN Network, featuring the ministries that are being carried out by young people who are part of The Red Letter Christians movement. We’ll post the broadcast schedule as soon as we have it, but we think the show’s biggest audience may come through internet podcasts from our website. Don’t miss this weekly program which involves interviews with our incredible Red Letter Christian missionaries and, in many cases, includes video presentations depicting their field work.

(It should be noted that both production costs and airtime for the radio and television shows have been offered to EAPE free of charge. These new media outlets have given us the opportunity to communicate our message far and wide without creating a financial burden that would harm our other ministries).

I wish you could see the e-mails and letters I receive almost daily from young men and women who have been transformed and called into full-time mission work as a result of EAPE’s programs. Here is one example, from an amazing community organizer and social justice advocate in the Bronx, New York:

“Fifteen years ago, I heard you speak at the Creation Festival, and when you called for people to commit themselves to missionary service, I responded. Last month, when you invited me to appear on the Red Letter Christian television show, to tell about reclaiming my old neighborhood in the Bronx from drug-pushers and from environmental degradation, I had a sense of recommitment to the work that God has called me to do here. Once again, the ministries of EAPE gave me the affirmation I needed to ‘keep on keeping on’ for Christ.”

Testimonies like that are what keep me going. I have no plans to retire from Kingdom work, and neither should you! Keep praying and giving, and keep spreading the word about Red Letter Christians! Together, we who are part of EAPE will continue the good work God has called us to do.

Tony Campolo

P.S. You can make a one-time gift or schedule a monthly pledge of support for our Red Letter Christians movement by clicking here.  Your gift will make a difference! 

Your gift will make a difference!

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