Dear friends and partners in EAPE's ministries,

As you probably know, one of EAPE's primary purposes is to challenge young men and young women to serve as missionaries. Last year at this time, I spoke at a church conference just north of Los Angeles, where a young woman responded my message by committing herself to needy and oppressed people in Africa who suffer with HIV/AIDS. Recently she wrote to thank me for challenging her to live out her faith in a radical way. Her letter contained a touching story, which I want to share with you:

When Carolyne arrived at my mission, her tears and screams of anguish were the only ways she could tell her story. For almost a day we listened to her cry. She was in pain. She was afraid. Her malfunctioning immune system had left her vulnerable to countless diseases and stripped her of her dignity. Wounds covered her body, but they also covered her soul. The virus had already killed her children. Her husband had left her. What she needed was more than we could give, but at least God was providing her a safe place to come and find rest. We offered her a clean bed, pain medication, and lots of love and support. 

Shortly after Carolyne arrived, I was sitting at her bedside when she looked up at me.  To my great surprise, she smiled. At that moment, the beauty I saw within her face was such a contrast to the despair I had heard within her crying only a few days earlier. I wondered: What caused her to smile? A few moments later she struggled to speak, and mumbled these words: “You have done good to me.” The loving kindness of God was meaningful to her in her brokenness. 

Tony, the truth is this: Carolyne may be dying, but there is something within her that has come back to life. For this miracle, I am most grateful.

The name of this young missionary is Juli McGowan and the mission she serves is Living Room Ministries International. She is a beautiful example of Christian compassion, but she is not alone.  Every year, hundreds of young people commit themselves to sacrificial service in the name of Christ through messages that you make possible by supporting EAPE. I have always said that EAPE is worthy of your support, not only because of our own workers and ministries, but also because of the hundreds of missionaries who are on the field, ministering to "the least of these” because we challenged them to go.

We are keeping our heads above water financially during these difficult days, but only because you believe in what we do.  Please, continue to support us with your gifts and prayers.

All of our young workers are depending on friends like you.

Tony Campolo

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