JUNE 2010

Dear Supporter and Friend,

EAPE never cries “wolf” unless it’s absolutely necessary. Well, it’s necessary!

The recession has hit every one of our core ministries very hard. Mission Year, Urban Promise Toronto, and Cornerstone Christian Academy have been especially punished by the down-turn in the economy, but all of our affiliates are feeling the pinch.

Many of our donors have designated their gifts for our Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund that will aid our ministries – Beyond Borders and Haiti Partners – that are doing Herculean work in that devastated country. That is great for Haiti, but it has hurt the other ministries that count on our support to carry out
their programs.

Cornerstone Christian Academy has been especially hard hit. This Christian school, located in what the Philadelphia police call "the most dangerous neighborhood in the city,” provides scholarships for children from families with limited incomes, which means virtually its entire student body. These scholarships allow the parents of these students to pay only minimal tuition. The bad news is that because of the recession, many of these parents have lost their jobs. Of course, we are not about to ask their children to leave the safe haven of CCA. Instead, we are going to work even harder to raise what must be raised, which is the whole point of this letter. 

Don’t get the idea that any of our ministries is in such dire straights that shutting down is likely. What is real, however, is that their core programs, which touch the lives of “at risk” kids with God’s love, will have to be severely cut back unless friends like you come through and help us out.

I know these are hard times for everyone, and I fully understand if you can’t do more than the usual. But if you can do more – now is the time!  I fully expect the recession to end, and with it this emergency. Until then, can I could on you for extra help?   

Tony Campolo

P.S. One mother of a twelve year old boy enrolled in Cornerstone Christian Academy said, with a pained expression on her face, “I want my child to know about God and to learn to do what’s right, but I’m very concerned that he be safe!” Her concern is valid when you consider that one of the neighborhood schools has had five of its students killed in the last seven years and another has been cited in the press for extreme bullying.

Your gift will make a difference!

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