APRIL 2010

Dear EAPE Partner,

What a month! I’ve got a lot to tell you about! 

One of our EAPE affiliates, Urban Promise Toronto, is not only reaching out to children and teenagers in government housing projects for low income families, but also to their mothers. Recently, a wealthy Canadian family opened up their home for some of these mothers to enjoy a catered dinner together, away from the burdens that go with their hard pressed lives. Our ministry is holistic, addressing both the social and the spiritual needs of these mostly single moms. Aren’t they radiant and full of hope?

I took a tour of the various neighborhood programs run by our Toronto team and their 13 full-time interns, and was very impressed with what I saw. Several hundred children and teenagers are daily being loved into relationships with Christ. They have the workers, but they are short of the financial resources they need to keep their work in high gear, and need more help from us. 

I have good news from Haiti! Incredible as it sounds, while continuing their relief work following the horrendous earthquake, our workers have also been able to re-establish their regular programs of Bible-based literacy for 10,000 adults, and are moving ahead with a teacher training program that will impact the lives of the 6,000 children. The three school buildings that were destroyed by the earthquake, which have served the poorest of the poorest children, are being rebuilt by Haitian workers, while classes for these children are being held out-of-doors under tarps. 

Many of you are making special gifts to support the nearly 100 young people who are serving inner-city neighborhoods around the country through Mission Year. I hope you appreciate this testimony from one of them:

My name is Tasha Booker and I'm serving in Chicago. I'm volunteering at Lawndale Christian Health Clinic and at Social Justice High School. At the health clinic I am recruiting for the Centering Pregnancy program which provides prenatal care to women. At Social Justice High School I am helping with academic counseling.  I have a friendship with Patti from my neighborhood and I'm showing her love by spending time with her and listening. Please pray that God will open my eyes to the possibilities of this year and that I'll live in the moment and will be fully present in my community.

The recession has affected all of our ministries, but we are keeping our heads above water because we have friends and supporters like you. We continue to depend on you to pray and to give. So please...don’t let us down!

(In this e-newsletter, I want to add one more great thing, because we need your e-help. Right now we are helping a really sharp Eastern student, Rachel Windholz, organize a community house for single refugee mothers in Philadelphia. Rachel's project is in line for a $25k grant from Pepsi if it receives enough online votes from people like…you! It'll take you less than two minutes, and we've got a big email list…so we've really got a chance, if you do it now (and as many days as possible in April) at the following link: Refugee Transitional Home.)

Tony Campolo

P.S. A special thanks to our dear friends Bill and Gloria Gaither, who gave us the unprecedented opportunity to take up special offerings for Haiti at two of Bill’s recent Homecoming concerts.  We raised lots of money and lots of awareness...and the music was out of this world!

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