MARCH 2010

Dear EAPE Partner,

Since the earthquake, the horrors being experienced by the Haitian people have been incredible. At the same time, the sacrifices being made by God’s people - and especially by our EAPE partners - have been inspirational. You can go to www.beyondborders.net and www.haitipartners.org for up-to-date reports about the many practical ways they are communicating God’s great love for his most vulnerable children. Thank you for praying for them and supporting their ministries.

Even as we have focused on earthquake relief in Haiti, we have been able to keep our other programs vital and effective. Here’s a glimpse of some of the good things that are happening:

Shane Claiborne, whose ministry is programmed through our EAPE office, was named to Esquire magazine’s end of the year “Best and Brightest” edition as one of the “Rebels and Revolutionaries who are changing the World”.

Kent Annan, who heads up our affiliate Haiti Partners, received commitments from the Canadian Bible Society and the American Bible Society to supply him with thousands of Bibles in Creole, the language of the Haitian people, to be used in our Living Word program, utilizes the Bible as a text for a literacy program that involved tens of thousands of needy people. If you believe, as I do, that reading and reflecting on the words of scripture changes lives, you should be thrilled at this report.

Rob Acton, the executive director of EAPE affiliate Cabrini Green Legal Aid, reported that Governor Patrick J. Quinn has approved 133 clemency petitions just before Thanksgiving. According to Rob, “We now have a state executive committed to doing his job” in regard to clemency petitions. CGLA’s Christian lawyers stand up for poor people who need legal representation but cannot raise the money to secure it. Several of those receiving clemency were represented by CGLA’s “good lawyers” in their court cases.

Hundreds (including me!) showed up for the fund raising banquet of Urban Promise Wilmington (DE) to hear Rob Prestowitz explain the incredible ways he and his young staff members are impacting the lives of children and teenagers in that city, who are daily receiving the gospel and the mentoring they need to finish school and become productive citizens.

There’s more good news, but I’ll save it for a future newsletter. For now, just let it be known that your investments in our EAPE ministries are yielding maximum benefits for God’s Kingdom. So “keep on keepin’ on” with your prayers and your giving. Both are very much needed.


Tony Campolo

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