Dear Friends,
The Malawian girl in the picture is sending the same message I want to send you this Thanksgiving:

Thank you.

She is thanking you for a safe place, and good food, and a chance to learn. I am thanking you for loving her, even though you don’t know her name. She is thanking you for helping the Christian adults who are working to secure her future. I am thanking you for trusting EAPE to carefully steward your resources in that direction. She is thanking you on behalf of thousands of other kids, not just in Malawi but also in Camden , Harare , West Philadelphia, and Port-au-Prince . So am I, knowing that all those kids, the least of our brethren, might as well be named Jesus.

This Thanksgiving, as you count your many blessings, you can be sure many are counting you – and counting on you – as well. Please, give graciously to EAPE.

Your grateful friend,

Tony Campolo


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