MAY 2009

Dear EAPE Partner,

You probably already know that we EAPE-ers have our offices at Eastern University , but you may not know all the reasons why.

First of all, Eastern provides those offices to us free of charge, along with a team of student interns who serve in a variety of clerical roles for more than 40 hours a week. Moreover, Eastern also helps to finance the work of my good and trusty personal assistant, James Warren.

Over the years, we at EAPE have also recruited a significant number of summer volunteers and full-time workers from Eastern’s student body. Each semester Eastern’s dynamic chaplain, Joe Modica, gives me the opportunity to speak at one of the university’s weekly chapels, challenging students to follow Jesus into missionary service around the world, and over the years many have responded.

Of course, the relationship works both ways. In return for all the school does for us, we do our best to give Eastern significant visibility. Both Bart and I talk up the school everywhere we go, and often I invite the admissions department to set up a table at my events. We at EAPE have recruited many students for Eastern, for both undergraduate and graduate programs that train candidates to do microeconomic development work and youth ministry in Third World countries and urban America . Our ministries have also provided excellent fieldwork learning experiences for these same students.

If you consider, along with all that Eastern University contributes to our EAPE ministries, the hundreds of students from other colleges and universities who pay their own way and raise their own room and board to work with our ministries, and the fact that Bart manages our ministry on a part-time basis and I serve without a salary, you will understand why I proudly claim that the vast majority of your gifts to EAPE go directly to help the thousands of needy people we reach each day with God’s love and Christ’s message of hope. After all, the overhead costs for our EAPE ministries are miniscule compared to almost any other Christian missionary organization I know.

During this time of worldwide recession, when being thrifty with your missionary dollars should be an even higher priority, I hope you understand why I keep asking you to give sacrificially to EAPE. After all, your dollars can do so much good in inner-cities across North America and desperate villages in Third World countries when they are invested in our young workers, who keep putting themselves in these dangerous places in order to live out Christ’s great commission.

Please continue to give, because in spite of all the pro bono benefits we receive from Eastern University and others, we simply cannot do what God has called us to do without your support.


Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo

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